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My name is Ivan Blažević and I'm a freelance graphic designer stationed in Croatia.

​I specialize in print design, illustrations, logo design, book design and video graphics. I've been into design for several years now ever since I finished studying graphic design in Ivora school of IT and Management in the City of Zagreb. Today, my mission is to push pixels and vectors in the right direction and to add some color in everyday life. ​​

​My second passion is music, and by that I mean lots of music. You can see me on stage playing drums in a punk rock band, behind the microphone spitting my rhymes in a hip hop collective, or, simply, playing acoustic guitar or ukulele at home. It's like Friedrich Nietzsche once said in Twilight of the Idols: "Without music, life would be a mistake."

When I'm not working I like to travel and meet new people, relax with my friends or watch marathons of Sci-Fi movies.


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